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Nutrient solutions need to be kept below pH7.0 to ensure that every essential nutrient remains available to your crop. However, sometimes the nutrient solution can become alkaline. This can be due to the action of the crop itself as it selects specific nutrients to remove from the solution. Other times it can be due to the use of alkaline tap water, or the use of alkaline fertilizers or additives. As such, the regular monitoring and use of Indica pH DOWN ensures that your nutrient solution always remains in 

the sweet spot of pH 5.5-6.5. 

Indica only use the finest grades of raw materials and reverse osmosis water to ensure the minimum possible contaminants, such as heavy metals which can contaminate inferior industrial acid material. This results in the cleanest possible crop.. 



Put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); especially gloves and goggles. 

Add water, base nutrients and additives to your tank. 

Use a pH meter or indicator strips to determine the pH of the solution. 

If the pH is above 6.5, add Indica pH DOWN, If the pH is below 5.5 add Indica pH UP. 

Dilute in water first to ensure that only a very small amount is applied at one time. It is very easy to over-apply pH correction products. 

Dispense with a pipette, do not pour from the bottle directly into the tank. 

After applying a small amount mix the solution thoroughly, re-check the pH, and apply another small amount if required. 

Monitor the pH of your fertigation solution daily and adjust as necessary. 


Phosphorus (as P2O5) 98.5% (59% W/W)